India Trip 2019

A snapshot into our endeavors in India can be boiled down to last Thursday morning. We settled into a village and immediately found out that there was a young man with a serious wound from a motorcycle injury. We entered into his house and realized that bandages and ointment were needed and so quickly recovered those from the van and applied them to the wound and prayed over the family.

News quickly spread that we were in the village and we were invited to the neighbor’s house to pray for them as well. This town has no Protestant Church but does have a couple of Christians. People are simply hungry for the Gospel and want to hear more about Jesus from the Word! Those Christians invited their neighbors over to their house to hear the gospel as we presented it. Eleven people gave their heart to Jesus that day and we will place one of our newly trained and commissioned planters into this village to continue to evangelize and begin a church!

This will be repeated 80 times over the next year as we train up planters and multiply churches and watch the movement of the Gospel continue to spread across India! Please enjoy some of the pictures that try to capture the move of the Spirit that is occurring in India.

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