We are a community of multipliers who are captivated by Jesus, the gospel and His church. New churches are still the most effective way to help people respond to that Gospel.

We believe every disciple and church has within them the multiplication DNA that simply has to be cultivated, trained and released for the sake of the Gospel.

Our landscape ranges from large urban centers to changing rural communities. This complexity necessitates a posture of humility and learning where collaboration and innovation are championed for the sake of the harvest. Only by learning from one another and from the Church around the world, will we find fresh insight for missions in North America.

The theological splitting of the gospel into two separate “gospels” (of the Kingdom and of salvation) has, at times, led to planting churches that are either ineffective at evangelism or negligent to injustices and the needs of communities.

The next few decades will require a generation of leaders with creative vision to discern the activity of God’s Spirit in the world and participate in it. This generation must raise the bar for diversity in leadership yet be committed to the unity of the Body of Christ more than any previous generation before them. They will be used by God’s Spirit to start new churches and to birth new multiplication movements while engaging social and cultural domains as they make disciples of the Kingdom both inside and outside of church buildings.

And so…everywhere we go we stir up embers and light fires for the sake of the growing Jesus movement to take hold in every corner of the globe. Sterile believers and dead churches will be brought back to life and regain the purpose for which they were originally redeemed. Disciple-making movements and churches planting new churches will become the norm.

Our prayer is that God, in the next ten years, would give us:

  • 1,000 brand new churches
  • 10,000 new leaders
  • 100,000 new disciples

To this end we give our lives until we hear the words “well done” as we pass from this life to the next.